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As a provider of complete solutions, KELI offers customized calibration and tooling services designed to meet your requirements. With KELI’s Project Support Services, your company will be able to free up valuable resources and improve intergration of quality assurance requirements across departments, functional areas and processes.

Our technical staff is trained to work seamlessly within your operations. Whether you want to have a comprehensive solution or you want to improve elements of your existing program, KELI will custom design a solution that works for you.

VeterAn Owned Business

KELI Labs actively hires veterans from all services and provides them with a post service career


KELI Labs supports top aviation companies that lead to lowering carbon emissions for a greener and more sustainable future. Calibration is the foundation to the safety of an aviation program. KELI Labs employs top standards and processes to further the safety and efficiency of our partners since 1962. Our support programs can be custom tailored to support your sustainability goals.


KELI Labs strives in our global advancement of new technologies and capabilities to support the future of our partners. Find KELI as a home for top engineers, modern processes, research for new technologies, and always on a fight path for the future.


KELI Labs prides itself in unmatch quality of supporting our partners. Discover our calibration service of trusted ISO/IEC 17025:2017 andA2LA accreditation, tool management support, dedicated support staff, and custom solutions.

Aviation is the greatest form of transportion to mankind.


KELI Labs strives to be the leading support company and trusted partner for the future of aviation.